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The wonderful thing about changing seasons is being able to change your look!  With days becoming cooler in the North, jackets and scarves start making an appearance in our daily wardrobe.

What we love about the items purchased from the talented weavers this season is their timeless nature – they are items that you will wear year after year, because they are beautiful and long-wearing with a classic elegance. Our products are not the kind that wind up in your garage sale, as they are special items that, if cared for properly, will last a lifetime. We purchase directly from the artisan so that we know we are buying products that were slowly hand-crafted using 100% natural alpaca and wool, and so we know who we’re buying from and can be sure we’re practicing fair trade principals.

This season features some new styles of Women’s Ruana, a stunning wrap-around poncho, plus some great variations on our favourites: hand-woven scarves with intricate designs or elegant stripes, luxurious shawls, and some more beautiful home décor and wedding gifts.

Browse through Isaiah Brookshire’s beautiful photos for an impressive glimpse of the best of ancient and contemporary Peru.

Our items are fairly traded and hand-made by indigenous Quechua women in remote villages high in the Andes.  Buying our products helps to support artisans who practice their traditional textile production methods. Many of these items feature natural dyes, while others showcase the natural colours of the alpaca – wonderfully rich hues of brown, grey, black and cream. All items are handmade using the ancient back-strap loom.

The gift-giving season is almost here and our products make unique and meaningful Christmas gifts. If you’re not sure what to get your fiber-loving friends and family, a handmade, fair trade treasure from Threads of Peru will surely be cherished.

You can shop our products on eBay, the ecomarket, or right on our Facebook page!


Our weaver profile of the month – Mercedes Quispe Medina

Hi all,

I was lucky enough to go up to the communities last month with a Quechua interpreter so I was able to do some interviews with some of our craftswomen! The interviews are quite brief as the women are very shy but give a glimpse into their lifestyle and ways of thinking. I am going to try to post a new profile every month so you can get to know some of the women.


Name: Mercedes Quispe Medina

Community: Rumira Sondormayo

Position: Secretary of the Rumira Sondormayo Weavers Association

Age: 22

Marital Status:Single



Children: None.

Favourite Article to weave: The challina because it is easiest to make.

What is your favourite pallay: I like using a flower pallay the most.

Favourite Animal: Fish, to eat.

What are your favourite colours for weaving: I like to use red, to vary my weavings and it goes well with other colours.

Do you prefer to work at home or outside: I like to work in the farmhouse so I can be with the animals.

What is your favourite fiesta: There are no fiestas here, alcohol is forbidden.

What is your favourite thing about your village: I like the local plants and the fresh air here.

What is the biggest change to happen in your village in the last few years: We now have drinking water in the village.

Here is a gorgeous pillow that Mercedes crafted with her hands… You can buy this one on World of Good.

Organic Handmade Pillow Cover - Threads of Peru

Handmade Pillow by Mercedes Quispe Medina