Another Week, Another Master Weaver!

Continuing in our series of posts introducing you to Threads of Peru’s new Master Weaver Collection, this week we are featuring the work of Andrés Sallo, a Master Weaver based in the heart of the Sacred Valley.


Originally from the highland community of Concani, Andrés’ mother began teaching him to weave at the age of 12. Initially, the family wove simply for their own personal use. But at the age of 18, and after winning a weaving and spinning contest, Andrés began weaving for sale.

Master Weaver, Andres Sallo

Master Weaver, Andres Sallo

He is now 40 years old, with four daughters, all of whom he is teaching to weave. He and his sister both participate in the weaving association in his adopted community of Huaran. There in the heart of the Sacred Valley he leads and guides the rest of the group, passing on his skills and knowledge to still more weavers.

Andrés is an innovator, continuously honing his craft, developing new product ideas and new colour and design combinations. He is committed to the exclusive use of natural materials, including natural dyes.

Andres treats us to an explanation of his exquisitely woven pieces in our exclusive Master Weaver collection.

Andres treats us to an explanation of his exquisitely woven pieces in our exclusive Master Weaver collection.

Andrés has provided Threads of Peru with two traditional pieces: an expertly-crafted chuspa or coca leaf bag, and a manta. Called lliqlla in Quechua, a manta is a traditional carrying cloth, used to carry a variety of items – from potatoes to firewood, plants harvested for dyeing, and even babies! The greatest heights of artistic expression and technical accomplishment are showcased when weaving mantas, as this is the last stage of a weaver’s education. Both items feature intricate designs and natural dyes typical of the region where he lives.

We are also featuring a stunning cushion cover made by Andrés.

A detail of the intricate designs and vibrant colors on Andres' traditional poncho.

A detail of the intricate designs and vibrant colors on Andres’ traditional poncho.

Visit our Ebay and Eco Market stores to view all of Andrés’ work!

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2 thoughts on “Another Week, Another Master Weaver!

  1. It is so fantastic to see Peruvian Master Weavers highlighted. Their work is absolutely incredible. My husband, jewelry designer Coco Paniora Salinas, is originally from Peru and his work is greatly influenced by Peru’s weaving traditions. His mother is a weaver from the Apurimac region of Peru. 🙂 Thanks again for blogging about the Peruvian arts.

  2. Thank you, Melanie! It’s wonderful to hear that you and your husband share in our support and enthusiasm for this ancient tradition. Wishing you both all the best from Cusco!

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