Arrival of Master Weaver collection!

We have just received a few select pieces from locally recognized Master Weavers to begin our new Master Weaver Collection, a collection of one-of-a-kind pieces of exquisite quality.

Threads of Peru is interested in supporting and promoting the work of Master Weavers as they are important knowledge-bearers in the Quechua textile tradition. The dedication that these weavers have made to their craft has helped not only to keep it alive but also to strengthen and revitalize it. Through their example, others begin to appreciate this cultural tradition and decide to learn to weave or improve their skills. All of these individuals are very passionate about traditional back-strap loom weaving and take time to pass on their skills and knowledge to others.

Over the next few weeks, we will be introducing you to these Master Weavers and their work, including a few pictures from a textile photo-shoot in the beautiful Sacred Valley location of Huaran.


Master Weaver, Daniel Sonqo.

Daniel Sonqo (sonqo means “heart” in Quechua) is an experienced weaver from the community of Parobamba, high up in the mountains in an area referred to in Spanish as the “eyebrows of the jungle”.  He has been weaving since childhood and attributes his early interest in the art of weaving to his mother. Daniel began to sell his work in 1990 after the political climate in Peru became more stable. His works are highly regarded and well-known in the Cusco region. Daniel says that he tries to conduct all of his work with honour and is dedicated to sharing his knowledge to improve the weaving techniques in other communities. Daniel is extremely passionate about natural dyeing techniques and hopes to one day share his knowledge by writing a book.

Judy Svenson and Daniel Sonqo discuss a textile while founder Ariana Svenson, taking notes, looks on.

Daniel shares his expert knowledge with Judy Svenson (left), TOP founder Ariana Svenson (front) and the women of the Chaullaqocha weaving association.

Daniel has produced an intricate, multicoloured bedspread, an incredibly soft and warm baby alpaca poncho, and a striking table runner, as well as a traditional manta which features iconography from the region.

Visit our Eco Market and Ebay stores to view more of Daniel’s work!

A traditional Peruvian poncho, handwoven by Daniel. All product information available on Eco Market!

A traditional Peruvian poncho, handwoven by Daniel from baby alpaca fiber. All product information available on Eco Market and Ebay!


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