We have recently been out and about in Cusco photographing our new products; you can see our results on our ebay store –, or click on the images to go straight to the product!

Milagros Caballero modelling one of our beautiful hand woven bags outside Cusco Cathedral

We would like to thank our new photography team Marco Espejo and Ivan Reinaga, as well as our models Julia Gamio, Jonathan Angles and Milagros Caballero.

Similarly big thanks to Dragons Palate ( and the Real McCoy ( in Cusco for letting us shoot inside their restaurants.

The shoots were organised and supervised by Amanda Zenick, Fani Karaivanova and Frankie Ginnett (yes, that’s me!) so thanks to them as well.

It’s our first time working with our photographers Marco and Ivan so we decided to interview them to get to know them a little better, read on to find out what we learned…

Full names: Marco Antonio Rodriguez Espejo (Director) , Ivan Gavancho Reinaga (Shoot Assistant)

Where did you learn photography?

Both: I took classes when I first started out, but now most of what I learn comes from reading books, online information and practice.

Where is your favorite place to shoot in Cusco?

Marco: Cristo Blanco up in the hills close to sunset, because there are great views of the city and beautiful orange light. Tipón is also a good location for photographing people, and there is an abandoned textile factory with very high ceilings and antique equipment in Lucre that I like to use.

A great shot of one of our table runners.

How did you become interested in photography?

Marco: About eight years ago I started to become interested in cameras, what they did and how they worked. I started learning more and more, and here I am now working as a professional!

How would you describe your style of photography?

Marco: I try to look for something different, a unique perspective. Everyone has seen pictures of the Plaza de Armas in Cusco, but I try to reveal something new about it. When photographing people, I try to capture a real emotion or feeling.

Ivan: My photographs are very natural, in particular I like to shoot landscapes in the early evening or night as I love the light at these times!

What are your favorite types of photography?

Both: People! It is great to capture spontaneity and emotion.

As native Cusqueñans, what is your favorite thing about the city?

Marco: The nightlife. Cusco has a nightlife that is different to other cities; there is so much friendship and happiness, and also everything is very centrally located.

What is your dream location for a photography session?

Marco: Rome or Florence.

Milagros wearing an intricately woven 100% alpaca scarf

Ivan: For me, London.

What has been your favorite Threads of Peru item to photograph?

Both: The ponchos! The final one with beautiful colors was great!

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