Evaluation workshop Palqaq

Ariana and daughter Molly (aged 2.5 months) meet Molly's contemporaries from the community of Chaullacocha - Anderson (Santusa`s baby) and Milagros (Demecia's baby), looked on by Aunt Francisca and grandmother Lucia

Towards the end of 2010, with an infant daughter and NGO to run, life became very, very hectic.  Things like blog posts fell off the radar – only now, some six months later am I beginning to become accostomed to parenthood and can reflect on our work at the end of last year.   Much of our work is visual… and as such the posts which I hope to do over the next few weeks will largely consist of photos with brief explanations!

Daniel checks that the width of a scarf meets specifications.

On 30th September, we made a trip to Palqaq, a point on the road from where you access the villages of Chaullacocha and Chupani. With a small baby I didn’t feel that we could make the 2 hour hike through the mountains (over a 4300m pass!) to the villages and asked the women to meet us half way.  I normally feel that we should travel to the communities, but the women understood the reasoning. So while we left Cusco just after dawn, the women would have started walking at dawn too.  We all met in the middle of the mountains for an evaluation and purchase of their most recent weavings.

Judy Svenson and Daniel Sonqo discuss a piece while Ariana Svenson, taking notes, looks on.

An evaluation and purchase consists of each item being tagged, photographed, measured and discussed, with each woman being given personalised feedback as to what is good about her weaving, and what might be improved. If the piece meets our increasingly stringent standards, then we purchase it for a fair price.

Secretary of the Chaullacocha Weaver´s association, Demecia Sinchi, does roll call.

Secretary of the Chaullacocha Weaver´s association, Demecia Sinchi, takes attendance.

Juana from Chaullacocha shows her weaving, tagged with its ID number.

Eugenia's lamb stole the day for me... including its trip down in car to Ollaytambo to be sold. Eugenia's pasadizo (also in picture) was also a particularly nice one.

Martina from Chaullacocha, with a bag of food generously donated by the Reach Out Children´s Foundation. Martina's husband Antonio Rios is the President of the Parent's Association and key to the success of the food supplements.

In order to save on transport costs we also took enough food for a month’s lunchs for the children of the schools and PRONOEIs of Chupani and Chaullacocha. The food supplement program is thanks to the generous donations of Reach Out Children’s Foundation.

Food bagged up and ready to be carried to the villages.

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Threads of Peru is a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization (ngo) registered in Cusco, Peru. The founding members represent the countries of Canada, Australia, and Peru. “Threads of Peru has been created to educate the world about the unique beauty and cultural significance of the Andean people and their textile traditions. Through the web, community tours, and international sales, we connect indigenous Andean weavers of Peru to a global market; contributing to the survival of this art form and to the health and well-being of the people that sustain it.” This is our blog where we write about our community projects and activities with community members. Our website it www.threadsofperu.com

One thought on “Evaluation workshop Palqaq

  1. Hi Ariana!!! Great to see a picture of Molly — Congratulations!!! I enjoy following your work with Threads of Peru and promoting it in any way I can.
    All the Best!!
    Connie Loden

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